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Birch Bark (Betula prendula) for Hair


Herbal Essences birch bark extracts shampoos and conditioners include real birch bark, as identified and certified by plant experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

The Birch Tree is also called the Lady of the Woods

What is Birch Bark Extract?

Birch bark extract comes from the tree of the same name.

Did you know that in Chinese tradition the birch tree is believed to bolster protection, communication and rejuvenation? It’s one of the most important plants in Chinese medicine, thought to improve digestion, immunity, and the quality of your skin and hair. Who knew birch bark was so powerful? Known as the tree of the enchantment in northwestern cultures, the birch tree is called “Lady of the woods”.

Where does Birch Bark Come From?

Birch trees are mostly found in North American forests, but they can actually grow in any temperate climate. Unlike many trees that have coarse and tough bark, birch trees have a distinct papery, white bark that naturally peels away from the tree trunk.

If you can believe it, these trees can tower as tall as 50 feet. But growing that tall isn’t easy! Birch trees need plenty of sunlight and water, so you’ll find them near rivers, streams or lakes. The wood of a birch tree is incredibly strong, so it can be used to craft durable items, such as canoes or houses.