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Life is hard enough already. Let us make it a little easier.

We Believe in the

Power of Nature

And the

Importance of

Taking a Moment

To awaken your

Body & mind

And appreciate the

Simple things

That’s Why

We are for everybody,

Made with the best of nature,

With nature in mind.

Find your moment with nature.

Everything that we do is

Inspired by


Our Inspiration:

We are inspired by nature in everything that we do, with natural ingredients, extracts, and skin & hair-loving ingredients in all of our products.

PALMOLIVE - Body Wash & Shower Gel

Uncompromising Simplicity:

We make products for everybody, without complexity or compromise. We’re all for giving you more of what you love, like natural extracts and skin loving ingredients. And less of what you don’t, like Parabens, Phthalates and Alcohol.

Body & Mind:

With a drop of nature in every bottle we serve as a gentle everyday reminder, whether at the sink or in the shower, to appreciate the simple things.