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The Best Fun Needs Protection You Can Trust. Banana Boat Lasts as long as the fun does.

New Banana Boat® Light As Air™ is formulated to provide safe and effective broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, without feeling heavy or greasy on the skin! This fast absorbing formula rubs in clear and is ultra-breathable, so it feels as if it is barely on, while still providing protection from the sun so you can have fun no matter where you are.


Banana Boat® knows how important sun protection is for the whole family, especially for little ones. That’s why our Banana Boat® Kids Mineral Lotion is mild enough for even the most delicate skin, made without oxybenzone, parabens, and no added oils or fragrances. The result? A gentle, tear-free formula that provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, so the whole family can have more worry-free fun in the sun.


Ideal for sport enthusiasts on the go. Banana Boat® Ultra Sport™ Sunscreen Stick is a high-performance sunscreen specifically designed for the active individual who doesn’t want to be slowed down when out in the sun. This lightweight, breathable formula is perfect for the sweatiest outdoor activities and provides UVA/UVB protection so that you can spend more time outside doing what you love