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Our History

For almost 70 years, Continental has been helping Australians create flavourful and nutritional meals to bring to the table.  At Continental, we love food the way you do and are here to help and inspire you to create enjoyable, yet nutritious, easy meals every day.

The Continental brand was registered in 1947, and four years later in 1951, we launched our first product, Chicken Noodle Soup. The range continued to expand throughout the 1950s, with Continental offering consumers eight flavours of soup, by 1959.

From the very beginning we wanted Continental to stand for taste, real ingredients and versatility. We started with showcasing how you can use our soups more creatively…. for example, French Onion soup as a base for a dip, still popular over 50yrs later!

The Continental brand continued to expand throughout the ’60s, exemplified by the launch of Stock Cubes in 1966, followed by Deb Mash and Surprise Peas – all products which are still part of our portfolio today.

In the 1970s we launched Cup A Soup, our first big foray into convenience. It has stood the test of time continuing to be one of Continental’s most successful ranges and one for which the brand is best known today. Other Continental innovations also helped to make meal preparation more convenient: Jug A Sauce in 1972, Hot Pot in 1976 and Stock Powders in 1977. This effectively repositioned the Continental brand, making it a ‘partner in the kitchen’.

In 1988, Continental established a new range side dish, with the launch of Pasta & Sauce. This successful launch was endorsed by Keith Floyd, a well known chef at the time, who made the brands catch phrase “you and Continental – just brilliant” well known. In the years since, our innovation has focused on convenience, with the launch of Cook In Bag in 2010, Gourmet Side Dish in 2015 and Liquid Stock in 2018. In 2020, we launched our newest brand Nutrish which is an easy and delicious way to nourish your body because it is packed with wholesome ingredients you can see.

Continental is here to help, whether you’re a seasoned chef or casual cook, we will continue to inspire and assist our consumers to create flavourful and nutrition meals for years to come.

Cup A Soup

Our Cup A Soups are packed with real flavor for a quick and satisfying snack whatever any time of the day.

For The Love Of Food


At Continental, we love food the way you do. We know how much you value flavourful and nutritious food, as well as authentic home cooking. It feels good to cook, and even better to bring pleasure to the ones you love, through the good food you put on the table. 


Flavour. It’s the difference between a decent dish and mouth-watering meal; every forkful should be exceptional. That’s why we go to extraordinary lengths in pursuit of great flavour, because we know it means a tastier meal for you and your family. And to get the best flavour, you need the best ingredients. 


Using instinct and expertise, our chef takes these beautiful ingredients and skilfully develops exciting recipes. We’re a creative bunch, finding inspiration in experiences old and new, and from other cultures too. 


Extraordinary lengths. Two important words we use to describe how we make delicious food. Two words that mean always going the extra mile, not accepting mediocrity, never giving up – an attitude shared by everyone at Continental, from our hard-working farmers to our dedicated chef. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to satisfy your curiosity and your hunger to put different dishes on the table. We bring flavours from around the world to our kitchen to create recipes you can serve up at home.


Continental has been in Aussie kitchens since 1951. Helping people create delicious meals for nearly 70 years. Rest assured; whether you’re a seasoned chef or casual cook, Continental is here to help.