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Jasmine Flower Extract (jasminum officinale) for Hair

The Herbal Essences Jasmine Flower collection includes real jasmine flower extract.

Known as the Queen of the Night

What is Jasmine Flower?

Jasmine is known and recognized worldwide due to its starry white flowers and unique fragrance. Believed to have originated in subtropical and tropical regions throughout Asia, the oil extracted from the flowers has been referred to as the “King of Oils” for its prized, powerful scent, and also as the “Queen of the Night” due to its exotic perfume permeating at dusk. Even its name shows how revered it has been throughout history, stemming from the Persian “yasamin” or “gift from God.”

Also enjoyed as a tea, jasmine flower’s use as both a medical and dietary supplement and as a cosmetic has made it a popular commodity throughout history. It was highly regarded by Chinese royalty and even traded along the Silk Road. Certain cultures revere the flower so much that it is featured in traditional ceremonies and Pakistan, the Philippines, and Indonesia have even declared it their national flower!

Despite its wide use as a perfume and tea, jasmine has additionally been used over the centuries as a highly revered cosmetic for its restorative power on skin and hair. It is lightweight, so it provides moisture to your skin and hair without being greasy, and its emollient properties control frizz—leaving your hair shiny and healthy. Plus, it smells amazing!

Where does Jasmine Flower extract come from?

Jasmine flower has been harvested for centuries. While jasmine flower is now grown all over the world, most of the jasmine used to extract essential oils are cultivated in India and Egypt as those climates are most conducive to healthy jasmine farming.

Because it is such a delicate flower and takes two years to reach maturity, the processes of cold press or steam distillation extraction would be ineffective and inefficient. In order to maintain the structural integrity of the flower and extract the essence, a non-toxic solvent extraction is used, and then the essential oil is pulled out through a steam distillation process.